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Majority of Americans Say the (Spiritual) Force Is With Them

That prompted Duncan Edward Pile to examine why people seek gurus. In a May 4 blog post titled “Praying With Yoda,” he said the recent downfall of some “celebrity” church leaders may lead to resistance to celebrate individuals’ gifts. But unless we recognize that God ordains certain leaders and gives them gifts for a “divine purpose,” Pile said, then we end up enforcing “a form of spiritual communism” in which no one is allowed to blossom.

Pile wrote, “In the context of the ‘Star Wars’ story, Yoda is a true master of the abilities he’s been given, and his unique command of the Force draws Luke to seek him out as a teacher. A Christian seeking to grow in their effectiveness would do well to find such a mentor—somebody who has put in the time to master their gifts and who is willing to take them on as a mentee.”

The key issue, he added, is mastery. “Each of us should be on a lifelong quest to master our gifts,” concluded Pile. “I want to see the variety, colors, and contours of the Kingdom of God in all its wonderful inhabitants.”