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Sean Feucht’s Tour Bus Hit After Drunk Driver Runs Red Light

Sean Feucht
Photo used by permission via Twitter @seanfeucht

Sean Feucht’s “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour is scheduled to make stops in Richmond, Virginia; Annapolis, Maryland; and Dover, Delaware, this weekend. However, while the tour’s two bus drivers were driving from Nashville to meet the worship leader at Virginia’s Capitol building early Friday morning, the front of Feucht’s tour bus was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light.

“A drunk driver just smashed into our tour bus hours outside of Richmond, Virginia. Thankfully everyone is OK,” Feucht tweeted. “Police are on the scene taking the guy away but damage is bad and the door won’t shut. All our gear is there for this weekend! Pray for divine solutions!”

ChurchLeaders reached out to confirm that only the drivers were on the bus when the accident occurred.

“We not only use the bus to transport all of our gear, but we sleep on it. We really depend on it, like, to make the whole tour work,” Feucht said.

The driver who ran the red light “reeked” of alcohol. He was arrested by police officers.

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While the bus door could not be closed due to the damage, the drivers were able to drive slowly to their destination in Richmond, Virginia.

“Thank God,” Feucht said.

Feucht shared an image on Twitter in which the team used his book, “Bold: Moving Forward in Faith, Not Fear,” to support a floor jack the team is using to keep the bus door open while it’s parked.

“This incident is just another sign of the warfare that we’re facing,” Feucht told ChurchLeaders, sharing that their Virginia event at the Capitol has been one of the most difficult to pull off.

“Governor Glen Youngkin has not been cooperative. He’s not been helpful,” Feucht continued. “He’s very timid of working with our group, because we’re extremely pro-life. And apparently that’s something he shying away from right now because of the elections coming up.”