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Sean Feucht Responds to Announcement of Satanic ‘Let Us Burn’ Capitol Tour

Sean Feucht
Screengrab via Instagram @seanfeucht

Lucien Greaves, cofounder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple (TST), announced Tuesday (June 13) that his band, Satanic Planet, plans to mimic Sean Feucht’s “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour, a series of worship events visiting every state capitol in America.

According to its website, TST is the “only Satanic religious organization recognized as a church by the IRS and the Federal Court System” and claims the organization doesn’t believe in the “existence of Satan or the supernatural.”

Greaves wrote, “Special thanks to @seanfeucht and his state Capitol-wide ‘Let Us Worship‘ tour for paving the way for @satanicplanet’s Let Us Burn‘ Capitol tour, coming soon.”

In a statement, Greaves said that his satanic, experimental, avant-industrial band is vowing to play at the same public venues that Feucht has played.

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“According to law, the government must remain neutral regarding religious viewpoints when granting permission to parties seeking to take advantage of public accommodations,” the statement read. “For this reason, the fact that public representatives have allowed Feucht to perform openly Christian Nationalist events within state capitol buildings, leaves little in the way of a legal rationale whereby Satanic Planet might be denied.”

Satanic Planet has submitted a request to perform at the Indiana State Capitol on Aug. 12 and is raising money to begin its “Let Us Burn” Capitol tour. As of today, The Satanic Temple has only raised 13% of its $15,000 goal.

“We will not be able to sell tickets to the capitol grounds, we will surely draw protests, the stage and sound will likely be difficult, and the cost will not be insignificant,” Greaves said. “However, we can not stand by idly as theocratic extremists are given such an elevated public platform to spread their divisive message without reminding everybody that that stage is equally theirs as well.”

Greaves concluded by saying, “Feucht seeks to use the stage to announce a theocratic stranglehold over the United States government, and we seek to rectify that by re-establishing pluralism.”

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If the request is denied to perform at the Indiana State Capitol, the money raised will be used to towards legally upholding what TST describes as “religious freedom.”

Feucht responded to Greaves’ announcement on Twitter, saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery. And Satan has never had creative ability. He only tries to pervert what has already been created. And guess what…it’s always weaker, a rip off and way more pathetic than the original 🤠.”