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Harvest Christian Fellowship, Greg Laurie Baptize 4,500 People in a One-Day, ‘Jesus Revolution’-Style Baptism

Greg Laurie
Photo credit: Harvest Christian Fellowship, Vitaly Manzuk

On Saturday (July 8), Harvest Christian Fellowship, led by senior pastor Greg Laurie, baptized 4,500 people in the waters of Pirate’s Cove Beach in Corona Del Mar, California.

The scene was reminiscent of Laurie’s historical film, “Jesus Revolution,” which chronicled the Jesus Movement of the 1960s and early 1970s, focusing on how Laurie came to salvation and was called into full-time pastoring at the age of 19.

“This is where I was baptized 50 years ago,” Laurie said in a video promoting the event last month. Pirate’s Cove Beach is also were his wife, Cathe, was baptized. The “Jesus Revolution” baptism happened a week after the church’s annual Harvest Crusade, which was held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, and recorded more than 6,700 professions of faith over the course of two days.

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“What an amazing day we had at the Jesus Revolution Baptism at Pirate’s Cove. We baptized over 4000 people,” Laurie tweeted. “I met people from all around the nation and even the world that came to town for this special event. May God bless everyone of them as they made this public stand for their fight in obedience to Jesus Christ in the waters of baptism.”

According to Laurie, “Between SoCal Harvest Crusade and the Jesus Revolution Pirate’s Cove Baptisms, within one week, Laurie and Harvest Church have been able to help approximately 11,295 new Christians dedicate their lives to their Lord and savior.”

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Alex Murashko, a member of evangelist Matt Brown’s Think Eternity writing team, was on location for what has been described as the largest baptism even in U.S. history. “On Saturday, we witnessed another true, visible expression of God moving,” Murashko said.

Laurie told Brown, “There were never crowds like this 50 years ago in the Jesus Movement. This is new and fresh. What’s happening is clearly inspired by the Jesus People revival. People want to have their own revival today. This IS Revival-like. No question about it.”

Laurie shared that he believes the “Jesus Revolution” film played a significant role in Saturday’s baptisms, bringing people from across the nation and throughout the world to partake in and witness the historic baptism event.