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Matthew West Encourages Christians To Stand for Their Faith No Matter the Opposition

Matthew West
Photo credit: Isabel Jackson

Award-winning contemporary Christian musician Matthew West recently encouraged fellow Christians never to be ashamed of Jesus, no matter what opposition they may face.

On the red carpet of the 10th annual K-Love Fan Awards, ChurchLeaders had the opportunity to ask West about how Christians should react in a world filled with adversaries wanting to tear down and discourage followers of Jesus.

West encouraged Christ followers always to be prepared to answer for what they believe in and to be “willing to stand up for your beliefs, despite what opposition might come your way.”

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The “My Story Your Glory” singer shared that “even from a musical perspective, you might, as an artist, be tempted to water down your message, so you can maybe reach more people or whatever. But, you know, at the end of the day, my faith in Christ is the most important part of my life and the driving force of my life.”

“So whether you’re a musician or a plumber, whatever you do,” West continued, “do it all for the glory of God. And never be ashamed to stand up for the one who’s changed your life. That’s why we sing the songs we sing: because we want the whole world to know there is a source of hope—[the] hope of all hope—and our hope has a name. And that’s the name that we’re lifting up at the K-Love Fan Awards tonight.”

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Later that night, West performed “My Story Your Glory,” a track he describes as the anthem of his latest record, in front of fans inside the iconic Grand Ole Opry.

West also joined Steven Curtis Chapman, Mac Powell, and Bart Millard for a medley of Chapman’s song, “Don’t Lose Heart.”

Watch the full show, which includes performances by Lauren Daigle, Cody Carnes, Brandon Lake, Colton Dixon, Mercy Me, Katy Nicole, and many others here.