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Former SBC President J.D. Greear Shares Why He Does Not Support Amendment Banning Women Pastors of ‘Any Kind’

Greear has received a mix of praise and criticism for his views. “I appreciate this clarity from @jdgreear and the leadership from @PastorGregoryP1,” said former SBC president Ed Litton. “Concerns about the Law amendment are real. This is a pivotal moment for the SBC and our future. We would do well to consider both of these concerns.”

“I have lost precious time reading this response. Fear mongering at its best,” said user Tommaso Pasquarella. “It is crazy, but the women in our churches around my association do not feel limited, but want biblical fidelity and adherence to the word and not the world. Free to serve and not shy away.”

Dwight McKissic, senior pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, retweeted Greear’s article, tagging Greear and Barber, and asking what the difference is between the situation with Saddleback and the examples the NAAF described. “Saddleback has a male lead pastor & an all male body of elders, and women staff pastors; which is identical to what’s spelled out in the NAAF letter concerning women pastors,” said McKissic. “Sincerely, this is a mystery to me. I totally support NAAF & Saddleback. But, the difference in treatment suggests to me that the Saddleback decision was driven by testosterone, rather than doctrine.”

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ChurchLeaders has reached out to J.D. Greear for comment and will update this article in the event of a reply.