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‘It’s Amazing How Far You Can Go’—Florida Man Charged in $35 Million Ponzi Scheme Targeting Retired Church Members

Brent Seaman
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Brent Seaman, founder and CEO of Accanito Capital Group, is accused of a Ponzi scheme that raised nearly $35 million. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), “Many of these investors were elderly, retired, and connected” to a Naples, Florida, church “where Seaman was an active member.”

In a press release, the SEC charged “Seaman of Naples, Florida, and various entities he managed for fraudulently raising approximately $35 million from at least 60 investors through an unregistered securities offering.”

Seaman and his numerous businesses are formally charged with “violating the registration provisions,” “violating the antifraud provisions,” and “violating the broker-dealer registration provisions.”

Brent Seaman Is Charged in a $35 Million Ponzi Scheme

“From approximately June 2019 until September 2022, Seaman told investors he would use their money to invest in technology companies and to trade currencies and commodities,” according to the allegations. “Seaman falsely promised annual returns ranging between 18 and 48 percent and described the investments as ‘safe’ and the returns as ‘guaranteed.'”

“As alleged in our complaint, Seaman targeted church members with false claims of success,” said Eric I. Bustillo, director of the SEC’s Miami Regional Office. “This action reflects a deep commitment to pursue those who prey on vulnerable investors.”

Seaman sought out retired members of his church and solicited investments. Many unsuspecting and trusting individuals gave up their life savings for a chance at extensive, unbelievable returns.

According to LinkedIn, Seaman’s company, Accanito Capital Group, gives clients the “opportunity to operate on an enterprise scale while growing.” The company invests in tech companies using money from private investors.

Seaman shared his own motto, “Businesses don’t grow; relationships do.” He continued, “And, that is evident in all that I do. I am a connector of people, and you could say I am obsessed with the mission.”

“It’s amazing how far you can go just because someone believed in you,” Seaman posted on Facebook.

Jana Seaman, wife of Brent Seaman, is listed as a “relief defendant.” When the SEC suspects someone is in possession of fraudulent funds, that person, while not formally accused of fraud, might be ordered to relinquish said money.

Seaman and his businesses have agreed to settle “without admitting or denying the Commission’s allegations and subject to court approval.” The courts will also decide “whether it is appropriate to order [the defendants] to pay disgorgement with prejudgement interest and a civil penalty.”

Allegations Include That Brent Seaman Boasted of His Luxurious Lifestyle

The SEC stated, “Seaman solicited investors by touting his proven success investing in currencies when, in reality, he was losing millions of dollars of investors’ money and his currency trading was always unprofitable.”

However, it was important to keep up appearances for future investors. “Seaman also allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars for himself, in part to purchase luxury automobiles and to pay for trips on private planes,” according to the SEC.

Seaman’s Facebook page includes many posts showcasing the family’s luxurious lifestyle—including sports cars, exotic vacations, recreational vehicles, and private jets. He also challenged readers to take risks in life. When supporting a local boat detailer, Seaman’s post boasts, “everything comes full circle. you can either be predator or prey. another one checked off. on to the next.”

“Life is too short to be driving boring cars,” Seaman said when sharing an image of his high-end sports car. “If you are not driving your dream car, then go back to work. Hard work…”


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