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Tim Tebow’s Foundation Has Helped Bring Over 500 Human Trafficking Perpetrators to Justice

Tim Tebow
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In commemoration of World Day Against Trafficking on July 30, former football star Tim Tebow shared how his Tim Tebow Foundation has helped more than 2,000 human trafficking victims across the globe over the past 10 years.

“I believe that human trafficking and child sexual exploitation are two of the greatest evils we face today,” Tebow said in an Instagram post. “@timtebowfoundation has been in this fight for more than ten years and been blessed to expand our impact across 30 countries. Through our team and partners, we have created and operate 20 safe homes with 22 more in progress, and protected more than 2,000 victims while helping bring 500+ perpetrators to justice.”

Tebow expressed his belief that every person on earth is “created in the image of God—uniquely, beautifully, and perfectly” and described each of those unique humans as priceless individuals who aren’t “for sale.”

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The former Heisman Trophy winner announced that his foundation is launching a fundraiser called “unKNOWN” in honor of his 36th birthday. “We have to do everything we can to continue identifying and protecting victims, caring for survivors, and working to prevent it from happening in the first place.”

“Children around the world are suffering from horrific sexual abuse, many from the very people who are meant to protect them,” Tebow said. “CSAM, or child sexual abuse material, is an evil that has been hiding in the darkness of our communities, our homes, and the internet for too long and it’s past time we exposed it to the light.”

Tebow’s hope and prayer for his birthday is that people would join together and raise $1 million, which will go towards protecting as “many children as possible” from “this horrific evil.”

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The “unKNOWN” website says that more than two videos or images depicting child abuse are produced every second.

“There are more than 50,000 children’s images of sexual abuse sitting on a global database,” Tebow said. “Law enforcement can see them, but their identity and location is unknown. 50,000 children, that’s a city of children we need to find and protect!”

To date, Tebow’s birthday fundraiser has raised over $339,000 and follows the continued success of Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom,” which is based on a true story about the fight against human trafficking.


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