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Craig Groeschel Shares Life.Church Baptized Over 2,000 This Past Weekend

Life.Church baptism Craig Groeschel
Screengrab via Facebook / @Life.Church

Over the weekend, Life.Church baptized over 2,000 people across its 40-plus campuses.

At the start of Life.Church’s online broadcast on Sunday, the Evangelical Covenant Church with over 80,000 in weekly attendance took a moment to celebrate the baptisms.

The video also showed prerecorded baptisms taking place in homes and public places.

Life.Church founder and senior pastor Craig Groeschel shared that the number of baptisms taking place had set a record for the church.

“Well, if I can take a moment to express my love for our church family and just say to those of you that are being baptized today, we praise God for the work of Jesus in your life,” Groeschel said.

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Groeschel said he got emotional when he looked over at someone sitting in the congregation who was baptized when the church held its first baptism in 1996.

“I think we baptized five people,” Groeschel recalled, “and here we are, over a quarter of a century later, and this is a record weekend that our church has the honor of celebrating with over 2,000 people this weekend getting baptized.”

“Can you feel the presence of God?” Groeschel asked, stating that “the power of God is moving in this place.”

“We’re not praying for revival. We’re in the middle of one. I thank God for what he’s doing,” the pastor said.

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Groeschel said that if you miss a week at Life.Church, you miss a lot because “God is doing a big thing.”

Life.Church is known for creating and developing the popular YouVersion Bible App. This year, the app celebrates its 15-year anniversary and has been installed on almost 700 million devices.

YouVersion recently launched YouVersion Bible App Lite in order to reach people who have have limited access to the internet in places like Nigeria, Kenya, and Pakistan. Since launching in October of last year, Groeschel shared that the lite version of the app has been downloaded over 9 million times.