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Brian Houston Found Not Guilty of Covering Up His Father’s Child Sex Abuse

“I will never forget,” Toganivalu continued, “the pain and trembling in his voice as he told me these things and grappled with the reality [that] his father was not the man he knew him to be. From that day onwards, I have watched him with an immense amount of grief, repeatedly share this openly to multitudes. In living rooms, in staff meetings, in church services, at a royal commission, in arenas, in national newspapers and on global tv networks.”

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Toganivalu echoed words delivered by the magistrate in his verdict, saying, “This is the opposite of a cover up.”

The journey of the last 25 years has been an “arduous” one, Toganivalu explained. “The accusations against my Dad, the manipulations of truth and the straight up lies have felt like perpetual fiery arrows.”

“Contrary to the constant false narratives spun by reporters and journalists, we DETEST the EVIL that was done at the hands of my grandfather. And we have carried only sorrow for those that he hurt,” Toganivalu said. “I am so deeply sorry to anyone who has suffered abuse in their lifetime, this grieves me deeply and grieves the heart of God.”

“Earlier today, after my dad delivered some words of compassion toward the victims, he said a powerful line to the effect of ‘I am not my father,’ and that is the truth,” Toganivalu said.

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“My Dad is a man of integrity and I have watched him, all my life, try his best to do right by people,” Toganivalu went on to say. “Yes, he has residually lived some dark days and as a family, we have watched as this weight almost crushed him. But he is not the victim and has never acted like it either.”

Toganivalu shared how she has “painfully watched” people, including those within the church he founded, abandon her parents.

“I watched as the church was pulled away from them like a rug pulled from beneath their feet. I watched as people acted in self-preservation and doubled-down at their attempts to serve their own interests,” she said, adding, “that has been disappointing and disheartening to say the least, but I believe in forgiveness and reconciliation.”

Brian Houston’s daughter believes that today marks an opportunity to look forward. She concluded the post by thanking Jesus for his grace, mercy, love, kindness, and for being the healer.

Hillsong Church Releases Statement Following Verdict

Hillsong Church released a statement expressing hope that Brian Houston and his family will continue to fulfill God’s will and that those affected by Frank Houston’s actions will find peace and healing.

“Our prayer is that those impacted deeply and irrevocably by the actions of Frank Houston will find peace and healing, and that our former senior pastor Brian Houston and his family can look to the future and continue to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives,” Hillsong Church said.