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Addict Who Stole Sean Feucht’s Guitar Accepts Jesus at Spokane Show and Gets Baptized

Sean Feucht
Photos courtesy of Sean Feucht

In June, “Let Us Worship” founder and leader Sean Feucht shared that his cherished ‘67 Ghallager guitar had been stolen from his vehicle while he was in downtown Spokane, Washington. Feucht asked his social media followers to pray for “justice” regarding the “constant attacks” he believes are coming from the devil.

Less than a week later, Feucht shared that his guitar was found at a pawn shop. One of his friends purchased back after it was allegedly sold for money to buy drugs. Feucht called the finding of his guitar a “miracle” and proclaimed to his 300,000-plus social media followers that “God restores.”

Days after Feucht shared how God helped retrieve his “irreplaceable” guitar, the worship leader said that the man who had stolen it, Zach, confessed and asked for forgiveness while Feucht’s friend was doing some street ministry.

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“ONLY GOD CAN WRITE A STORY LIKE THIS! He takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it around,” Feucht said. Feucht told ChurchLeaders, “Although I had to pay thousands of dollars to get my car fixed and buy the guitar back from a pawn shop, it will all be worth it if Zach surrenders his life to Jesus.”

Feucht asked people to pray for Zach and shared how he invited Zach to a “Let Us Worship” event in Spokane.

The Man Who Stole Feucht’s Guitar Accepts Jesus

On Aug. 20, Feucht shared that Zach had not only accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior but had also been baptized.

“The guy who stole my guitar just gave his life to Jesus,” Feucht posted on Instagram. “He’s getting baptized right now!!”

Feucht said that Zach “came and surprised me in front of 7,000 people! God writes the best stories!!!”

Feucht told ChurchLeaders that in light of the poor air quality caused by Washington’s current wildfires, he was absolutely shocked by how many showed up to worship Jesus last night.

“So many people showed up and pressed into God,” Feucht shared. “There was so much hunger.”

Another big surprise was Zach showing up and giving his life to Christ, Feucht said.