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‘God Restores!’—Sean Feucht’s ‘Irreplaceable,’ ‘Anointed’ Guitar Found After Being Stolen

Sean Feucht
Screenshot via Twitter @seanfeucht

On Thursday (June 22), worship leader and activist Sean Feucht reported that his “irreplaceable” guitar was stolen from his family’s vehicle while he was in downtown Spokane, Washington.

“Our car was broken into and my guitar stolen from downtown Spokane last night 😭,” Feucht tweeted. “It was my ‘67 Ghallager that was a gift from Ray Hughes. IRREPLACEABLE!!! Pray for Justice. Pray for our family. Pray against these constant attacks🙏🏽.”

Hughes is a well-known author, storyteller, songwriter, and poet who, according to his website, has given over 50 years of his life to “help others discover, develop, and deploy their unique creative gifting.”

A disappointed Feucht shared a photo of the first time he played the guitar. It was during a worship set in front of 50,000 people inside of Qualcomm Stadium during Lou Engle’s “The Call” in 2008.

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Feucht asked for people to keep an eye out for the guitar online and at local pawn shops. “If you see it showing up online, pawn shop or on the street. Please call and use this reference number. 1967 Ghallagher Acoustic in a black case.”

Feucht also post a video in which he shared why the stolen guitar was so special to him. He expressed that each of his guitars carry a different “anointing,” adding that his 1967 Ghallagher was particularly special to him because it was given to him by a “hero in the faith.”

Hughes, Feucht said, “wrecked me when I was in high school because I would listen to his tapes on the tabernacle of David. I was listening to this thinking, ‘God, if I could one day be a psalmist like that.'”

Hughes originally found the guitar in rough shape and decided to take it to where it was handcrafted and have it restored. After knocking on the door of Ghallagher’s shop, the maker’s son, whose father had passed away, opened the door and, with tears running down his face, immediately recognized the battered guitar he helped his father build when he was a young boy.

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Ghallagher’s son said he had to restore the guitar and moved machines around the shop to find the necessary parts for the 1967 relic. “It’s not that pretty, but it sounds glorious,” Feucht said. He shared that it’s the “only father-built, son-restored Ghallagher guitar,” and when he uses the guitar, it reminds him of the prophecy found in Malachi 4, which says that God will “turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents” before the day of judgement.

The day after his guitar was stolen, Feucht took to Instagram to discuss what he described as spiritual warfare.