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Pastor David Platt Celebrates Arrival of Adopted Son After Over 3 Years of Pandemic-Related Delays

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Pastor and author David Platt is celebrating the arrival of his adopted son to his home following an extensive delay because of pandemic-related travel restrictions. 

The boy, named Jeremiah Daniel (J.D.), is one of six children in the Platt household, four of whom are adopted. Platt and his wife, Heather, adopted J.D. from China.

In August 2020, Platt shared that the adoption was originally planned to go through that year but restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic had prevented his family from bringing J.D. home. 

“Today was my son’s 4th birthday. But I haven’t met him yet. We were 5 days away from going overseas to adopt him when travel to his country shut down in early February,” Platt wrote at the time. “For the last 6 months, I’ve been pleading every single day for a way to go to him. As a dad, I would do anything possible to make that happen.”

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“I woke up this morning to new pictures of him in his orphanage, and then I read the first verse that just so happened to be in my Bible reading plan. ‘Jesus told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart’ — Luke 18:1,” Platt added. “Could I ask you to pause for a moment, pray for J.D., and ask God to make a way for him to come into our family?”

Though the delay was longer than Platt and his family would have hoped, their prayers have been answered. On Tuesday (Sept. 5), Platt shared with his social media followers that the wait was finally over. 

Posting pictures of his family embracing his son, Platt wrote, “J.D. IS HOME!!!”

“Three and a half years ago, we got a call saying that our international adoption would be postponed for a couple of weeks due to a strange virus that was spreading,” Platt continued. “By God’s grace and through the work of so many people, including the many caregivers we honor who have provided for him in his home country, that adoption has finally come to completion, and Jeremiah Daniel Platt is home in our family!”

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you to so many of you who have heard about J.D. over these years and prayed for a precious little boy on the other side of the world that you have never met,” Platt added. “He is a uniquely amazing kid. Please pray for him as he experiences the range of thoughts, emotions, joys, and challenges that adoption entails. And pray that ultimately he sees and knows God’s love for him through his family and all who are around him.”