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Debate on Singleness Draws in Christians, Conservatives, a Former Trump Advisor and Mark Cuban

Composite image. Screengrabs from TikTok / @pmdpod

Some people spent Labor Day weekend at barbecues with friends, and some people spent it getting fired up on X (formerly known as Twitter) about how Christians, and society in general, perceive singleness. 

Part of the conversation centered on one man’s claim that, according to the Bible, “singleness is closer to a curse than a gift,” while a TikTok video from a woman celebrating her single lifestyle prompted responses from The Babylon Bee managing editor Joel Berry, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh—and even billionaire Mark Cuban.

“Had no idea I now have to add ‘sinful’ to the list of things people judge my benign female singleness for,” said user Anna Madainn. “I wanted marriage but never met a single man who shared my values enough to marry him. My standards aren’t too high; they follow God’s word. I’m at peace with how I live.”

“The ‘singleness is sin’ discourse is absolutely wild,” said Dr. Scott Coley. “How does that even work—at what point does being happily single become a sin? Is it midnight on one’s 19th birthday? The third Monday of the sixth month of your 25th year? Help me understand.”

“I’d like Jesus and Paul to weigh in,” Pastor Barnabas Piper responded to Coley. 

Singleness Discussion Hits a Nerve 

Two days ago, a woman named Julia Muzar posted a TikTok video describing what her Saturday was like as a 29-year-old single woman with no children. Muzar said she had spent the previous evening at a Beyoncé concert and got home at 1:00 a.m. She woke up Saturday morning with no obligations, hungover from drinking the night before, and decided to try making shakshuka for the first time. She also said she planned to watch reality TV later.

“I say all this to say, whenever I’m hard on myself about why I’m not married and I don’t have kids and I should be further along at 29, almost 30, I wouldn’t want to do anything else this Saturday,” said Muzar. Part of the reason she reminds herself of the “ease” of her life is to push back on being “hard on myself for not being where society tells me I should be in life.”

Muzar’s video drew harsh criticism from some conservatives. “Men need to start bonking women on the head and dragging them back to their caves again,” said Joel Berry, adding “figuratively speaking.”

“Her life doesn’t revolve around her family and kids so instead it revolves around TV shows and pop stars,” said Matt Walsh. “Worst of all she’s too stupid to realize how depressing this is.”

Mark Cuban, a businessman who is a regular on “Shark Tank” and who owns the Dallas Mavericks, responded to Walsh, “Says the guy who’s [sic] life revolves around Twitter/X.”

After receiving pushback from Scott Adams, author of “Dilbert,” and Stephen Miller, former senior advisor to President Trump, Cuban continued to defend Muzar, using strong language to tell Miller that whether or not Muzar chooses to have a family is no one’s business but her own. “If I had you both in a room, I would point at her and thank her for trying to bring joy to others,” said Cuban, “and I would point at you and ask what happened that causes you to hate so much.” 

Meanwhile, on Sept. 2, Eric Conn, host of the “Hard Men Podcast,” posted, “Singleness is closer to a curse than a gift.”