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Lauren Daigle’s New Album ‘Was Very Restorative and Redeeming’ As She Battled Anxiety, Depression

Lauren Daigle
Screengrab from YouTube / @SadieRobertson

Lauren Daigle dropped the second part of her self-titled album on Friday, Sept. 8. In an appearance on the “WHOA That’s Good” podcast, Daigle discussed with host Sadie Robertson Huff the significant mental health challenges she dealt with while writing the album and shared how God brought her through them.

Right before the pandemic began, Daigle said her career was “rocket launching. And when I mean rocket launching…it wasn’t just a rocket. It was a missile. It was headed too fast in the wrong direction.”

From 2020 through part of 2022, the artist experienced some of the darkest moments of her life. But she sought God through it all and said he used her new album “to rejuvenate me and to remind me of the pure things” that matter to his kingdom, as opposed to what matters to the music industry.

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“The process of making this record was very restorative and redeeming,” Daigle said. “My dream for this record is that it would bring peace and solace and comfort.”

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Lauren Daigle is a former “American Idol” contestant and a Grammy Award-winning Christian artist. She released the first part of her newest album on May 12 and dropped the rest of it (there are 23 tracks total) today, the day before her birthday. 

Daigle explained to Huff that she is the type of person who likes to listen to albums from beginning to end, and as she was working on her new record, she came up with approximately 20 songs that she was not willing to cut from it. Concerned that people would not have the stamina to listen to all of the album at once, Daigle’s manager suggested splitting it in half. Daigle had gone five years without putting out an album, so releasing the self-titled album in two parts also allowed her to give her fans a lot of new music. 

At the beginning of 2020, Daigle’s career was taking off, a process that she says was “beautiful” but moving too fast. When the pandemic hit and everything shut down, it was like running into a brick wall while going 100 miles an hour. “I feel like God really used that time to reposition my heart, reset my mind and my thinking,” she said. “I was in a space where I really needed to finesse that in my life. I needed to surrender so many things.”