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Former Liberty Football Coach, Now Auburn Head Coach Helps Baptize Over 200 Auburn Students on Campus

Auburn University
Screengrab via YouTube @WSFA 12 News

Over 200 Auburn University students were spontaneously baptized on the university’s campus in Auburn, Alabama, after a worship event last Tuesday (Sept. 12).

Auburn University is a public university that boasts an enrollment of more than 30,000 students.

The event, which was titled “Unite Auburn” and hosted approximately 5,000 students, featured author and Bible teacher Jennie Allen, Texas pastor Jonathan Pokluda, and Passion Music.

Unite Auburn was created after five girls began to regularly meet in the university’s basketball arena to pray. Soon, their prayer group grew to a couple hundred students.

Tonya Prewett, wife of Auburn University assistant basketball coach Chad Prewett, helped put the event together after local ministries caught wind of what was happening and reached out with the desire of creating an evangelistic event.

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Allen encouraged students to be ambassadors for Christ, urging them to be accountable to one another by confessing their sins to one another. Pokluda spoke on sexual purity and gave a gospel message.

The unplanned baptism happened after one student shared a desire to be baptized. It was then that Tonya Prewitt and Allen asked if anyone else attending the worship event wanted to get baptized.

Over 2,000 students then walked over a half mile to a lake at Auburn’s Red Barn where they witnessed more than 200 people get baptized under the headlights of cars that surrounded the lake.

“A revival is happening tonight in Auburn. People are getting baptized at Red Barn with hundreds of people cheering them on. The baptisms started following an event at Neville arena tonight called Unite,” Kristen Carr, an Auburn University senior, journalism major, and editor-in-chief of student newspaper The Auburn Plainsman, posted on social media.

Former Liberty University head football coach Hugh Freeze, who is off to a 3-0 start in his first year as Auburn University’s head coach, was not only at the event but baptized one of his players during the spontaneous baptism.