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Anti-Trafficking Advocate Victor Marx Concerned Success of ‘Sound of Freedom’ Will Lead to Christians Who are Informed, But Who Don’t Act

Victor Marx
Photos courtesy of Victor Marx

All Things Possible Ministries founder Victor Marx was severely abused and tortured as a child. Now he rescues children around the world who are experiencing the abuse he once endured.

In a video testimony, Marx shared how the trauma of abuse led him to a lifestyle filled with drugs, fights, and other sins but that the discipline of the military and his faith in God has helped him recover, become a husband and father, and fight to help others.

According to his website, “Victor focuses his attention to the plights of those affected by ISIS, troubled juvenile offenders, and supporting military personnel from all branches including the special operations community.” Throughout his career, Marx has helped more than 45,000 children.

ChurchLeaders reached out to Victor Marx and asked him to share how the success of Angel Studios‘ “Sound of Freedom,” which has gross more than $210 million worldwide and over $183 million in the United States alone, has impacted the fight against child trafficking.

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“God used Tim’s story to put this in front of the Christian Church to say, now you know, what are you going to do? So the success of the film has really forced the conversation,” Marx said.

Marx said that it’s “exciting, but it’s also concerning, because the [American] church is a reflection, sadly, of our culture, not the other way around.”

“And as quick as things come and go on social media newsfeeds, the danger is that people will get lathered up and emotional in the moment and then move on—and it becomes a fad,” Marx expressed.

“Therefore, what happens is those of us who have been laboring in this field for decades are left with people who know enough verbiage to now not be responsible,” Marx added.

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Viewers of the film may support an organization by praying for them or sending them money, but the support tends not to be long-term. “They just kind of pay their token, get on the ride, take a picture, and then they’ll always refer to the picture” to remind themselves or someone else that they helped.

Marx said that he believes one of the reasons churches haven’t stepped up more to help fight human trafficking, especially when it comes to children, is because “the current day church, they’re not keen on suffering.”