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Anti-Trafficking Advocate Victor Marx Concerned Success of ‘Sound of Freedom’ Will Lead to Christians Who are Informed, But Who Don’t Act

As someone who could be perceived as a real-life Rambo character who repels down from Blackhawk helicopters with a knife in his mouth to rescue children from the cells of an evil Hollywood villain, Marx shared what the “secret sauce” of his organization is.

“It’s prayer,” Marx said. “We have thousands of prayer partners, I mean, people that nobody sees, who pray for us using real faith.

Marx told ChurchLeaders that these prayer partners are not only faithful but diligent and they are “looking for a return.”

“They watch our posts, they watch our emails, and you better believe that if we ask for prayer, they’re looking for results. Just like an investor would do. And I love it,” he added.

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Marx shared the story of a recent rescue he and his wife did across the border. He credits their prayer partners with the successful rescue of a young girl. “Their prayers open doors for relationships with people we need to pass through areas that ordinarily wouldn’t be accessible,” Marx said.

The American church is “majorly lacking” in the area of prayer, Marx said. He believes that this lack of prayer is not due a lack of faith in God but a lack of belief in spiritual warfare.

“They just don’t believe there’s a little devil with demons that will manifest through and in people,” Marx said. “We encounter this stuff on a weekly basis here in the U.S.”

“The most effective thing we do, out of everything we do, is simply pray for people to be set free from demonic strongholds. I do that more than anything,” he added. “This is the weakness of the church today—not their ability to teach or preach or do worship. It’s their inability to face with authority demonic forces to set people free.”

Marx said that he has witnessed pastors he’s personally prayed for who were delivered from the bondage of demonic oppression but that never went on to tell anyone about it, nor did they share the power they have in God’s name to release others from similar types of suffering.

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He believes that it is due to a lack of faith and that they fail to recognize the affliction of demons. “The opposite of faith is fear and pastors are so full of fear these days.”