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Coach Prime Shouts Jesus’ Name to Make Demons ‘Tremble’ and ‘Haters Agitated’; Tim Tebow Says Sanders Is Genuine

“At this event, he went out of his way for a while to answer questions, encourage people, care for people. I hope people understand that it’s not just done when the cameras are there. It’s also done behind the scenes, and he cares about people,” Tebow said.

“He really, really genuinely cares about people, and I think that’s contagious. I think you see it in his players. I think you see it in his coaches,” he added. “I think you see it in the people when they’ve been around him. They see it, and then you want to be around people like that—people that care, people with passion, people with enthusiasm for life, for their sport. That’s something that’s always been contagious to me.”

Tebow said he loves the excitement that Coach Prime has created at the University of Colorado Boulder. A team that won only one game last year has started 3-0 this season, including beating a ranked TCU 45-42 in its season opener.

Coach Prime Demonstrates Care for Opposing Player

In a press conference on Tuesday (Sept. 19), Sanders defended Colorado State player Henry Blackburn against death threats he has received due to knocking Colorado Buffaloes star wide receiver Travis Hunter out of the game Saturday after a late hit. The hit resulted in a lacerated liver for Hunter and will keep him off the field for at least three to four weeks.

Coach Prime stood up for the opposing player after hearing that Blackburn has been receiving death threats after his hit, which many believe was “dirty.” It injured Hunter, knocked him out of the game, and sent him to the hospital.

“Henry Blackburn is a good player who played a phenomenal game,” Sanders said. “He made a tremendous hit on Travis on the sideline. You could call it dirty, you could call it he was just playing the game of football. But whatever it was, it does not constitute that he should be receiving death threats.”

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Coach Prime told reporters that Blackburn is a young man who is trying to make it in life: “The guy is trying to live his dream and hopefully graduate with honors and a degree, committed to excellence, and go to the NFL.”

“He does not deserve a death threat over a game,” Sanders said.

“At the end of the day this is a game. Someone must win. Someone must lose. Everybody continues their life the next day,” Coach Prime explained. “That kid was just playing the best of his ability and he made a mistake.”

Sanders said Blackburn doesn’t deserve how people are treating him. “I forgive him. Our team has forgiven him. Travis is has forgiven him,” he concluded. So, “let’s move on.”