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Coach Prime Shouts Jesus’ Name to Make Demons ‘Tremble’ and ‘Haters Agitated’; Tim Tebow Says Sanders Is Genuine

Coach Prime
Screengrab via YouTube @ Bleacher Report

Earlier this week, Colorado Buffaloes head football coach Deion Sanders, or Coach Prime as he is also known, went viral after proclaiming the name of Jesus on social media.

“JESUS! I had to say that to make Demons tremble and haters agitated. JESUS IS MY LORD & SAVIOR so get use to me proclaiming his name daily. God bless u now please have a blessed day because I am,” Sanders posted.

The post received over 1.8 million views and 37,000 likes. It was re-shared more than 4,900 times.

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Some of his followers made comments on Coach Prime’s statement saying, “Love to see it! Stay blessed! 🙏,” “And God is STILL undefeated!,” “Now and forever 🙏🏾,” and “Amen.”

Many thanked Sanders for speaking about his faith in Jesus. One follower wrote, “Thank you coach Prime. This open and passionate faithfulness can impact a whole country. The spotlight is on you and you are turning it to your faith.”

Coach Prime ‘Really, Really Genuinely Cares About People,’ Says Tim Tebow

Yesterday, ESPN college football analyst and Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow, validated his friend’s character during an interview with Fox News where he shared how Sanders genuinely loves and cares about people.

“I’ve been friends with (Deion) for quite a while now since, honestly, the end of college or early time in the NFL. He was just so encouraging, so supportive, so kind. Always gave me words of encouragement or words of wisdom,” Tebow said. “And, honestly, he would go out of his way to do it in a very nice way. Not just like when cameras are there doing it but behind the scenes.”

The Florida Gators football standout told the story of how he and Sanders did an event last year where Tebow witnessed how Coach Prime loves and genuinely cares about people.

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