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‘The Devil Is Not Just a Liar, But a Loser’—Sean Feucht Laughs at The Satanic Temple’s Indiana State Capitol Copycat Performance

Sean Feucht
Photo courtesy of Sean Feucht

The Satanic Temple (TST) held its anti-Christian copycat of Sean Feucht’s “Kingdom to the Capitol” sponsored by TPUSA Faith, titled “Let Us Burn,” today at the Indiana State Capitol.

TST’s cofounder and spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, played with his band Satanic Plant in what the group described as a “groundbreaking performance.”

In a photo TST posted on its social media, it appeared to show less than 40 people in attendance, some of whom could be seen with a satanic flag draped around themselves.

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Included in TST’s post was a link to view the livestream, but when ChurchLeaders tried to stream it, the link was broken.

The “Let Us Worship” founder posted, “Hey satanists…your team is losing!” and showed images of his stop at the Indiana State Capitol contrasting the number of people worshiping Jesus at his worship service with the number of people present at TST’s event.

Feucht told ChurchLeaders, “The devil is not just a liar, but a loser. He cannot create, so he makes cheap imitations of what’s already been created.”

“And as I predicted many months ago,” he added, “when The Satanic Temple decided to copy—they ripped off our logo, they decided to copy it. Copyright infringement! Turn the cross upside down and market to people to gather and really copycat our movement. I predicted that no one would show up, and they’re raising, you know, tens of thousands of dollars and people don’t care.”

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Feucht made the comment that even TST’s own people “don’t have the spine enough to show up” for an event. Even though the organization attempted to mobilize and raise money for months, barely anyone showed up.

“I think it’s time for the church to not just rise up and call out evil, but it says he who sits in the heavens laugh (Psalm 2:4; Psalm 37:13; Psalm 59:8),” Feucht said. “So it’s time for us to laugh at the enemy’s pathetic attempts to stop the move of God.”