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Citing ‘Inevitable Consequences of Burnout,’ The Babylon Bee Founder Leaves Company

The Babylon Bee
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Adam Ford, founder of The Babylon Bee and cofounder of Not the Bee, announced this week (Oct 31) that he has sold his remaining stake in the two popular sites.

The Babylon Bee claims that it is the “world’s best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims” and focuses on Christianity, politics, and everyday life.

On the other hand, Not the Bee describes itself as a “humor-based news, opinion, and entertainment site” and writes about real news that is so absurd that it should be satire.

Ford sold The Babylon Bee to Seth Dillon in 2018 in order to focus on The Christian Daily Reporter, a Drudge Report-style Christian news site that morphed into Disrn and eventually became Not the Bee.

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On Tuesday, Ford posted a portion of Ecclesiastes 3:1 on social media: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…”

The satire king then told his followers that his “season at The Babylon Bee and Not the Bee has come to an end.”

“I have sold my remaining stake in The Babylon Bee, as well as my stake in Not the Bee, and now it’s time for me to ride off into the midday sun,” Ford added. “I have not been operationally involved with the Bee for some time now, so no changes there. At Not the Bee, Dan Dillon, who co-founded the company along with myself and Seth Dillon, took over in recent months as majority owner and head dude in charge.”

Ford said the he had always believed that he could “go on forever working like a maniac and seeing every terrible thing that happens around the world in real-time.” However, describing his current state of mind, Ford said that he had hit “a concrete wall.”

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Ford’s burnout has not abated, even after he attempted to find a solution that would allow him to continue, Ford shared. “This is all quite bittersweet and difficult for me. I love these companies dearly and always will,” he said. “They have been my entire life for the better part of a decade, and what an adventure it has been.”