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‘Not the Bee’ Columnist Calls Out Lecrae Over Political Post in Heated Exchange


Earlier this week, Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae posted a message on Twitter that resulted in a heated back-and-forth with “Not the Bee’s” columnist Peter Heck.

Lecrae’s original tweet asked his Twitter followers, “Why do the politically conservative evangelicals think that sending me hateful messages is somehow a righteous mission? I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative. Am I the only black Christian they know? [laughing emoji]” Esau McCaulley, assistant professor of New Testament at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, replied: “Yes, you are [laughing emoji, upside-down face emoji, man shrugging emoji]. I know the feeling.”

This exchange apparently prompted an almost four-minute video response from Peter Heck titled “ThE RiGhT sIdE oF HiStOrY — Let’s chat about this whole “right side of history” stuff.’ ” Heck’s video was posted on the super-popular, non-satire side of “The Babylon Bee” called “Not the Bee.” “Not the Bee” focuses on posting real news — most of which is so absurd it’s hard to believe it’s true.

Heck, focusing on Lecrae’s original question, assures his audience that “hateful messages are not good and they are never Christ-like.” The witty columnist then turns his message to Lecrae, asking whether he “considers it to be a righteous mission to taunt others as being on the wrong side of history just because they don’t vote like you do?”

Heck says Lecrae did that by “demeaning politically conservative evangelical Christians” when Lecrae tweeted the day Joe Biden was inaugurated. Lecrae’s tweet that day was: “Feels good to be on the right side of history…Which of course is the anti-racism, pro-life from womb to the tomb, care for the marginalized, anti-Christian nationalism, anti-abuse of power side.”

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Heck says Lecrae’s statement damages the Grammy Award-winning artist’s Christian credibility and claims that he “appeals to secularism’s false god of history rather than the righteousness of God Himself.”