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John Cooper Talks to ChurchLeaders About New Book, ‘Wimpy, Weak, and Woke,’ CCM, and the Silence of the Church

Quoting from his book, Cooper said, “They’re showing themselves to be men of utopia disguised as men of the kingdom. They’re just utopians. They’re just like the utopians, except they believe in a transcendent God. So they don’t believe there’s a difference between light and dark.”

“So we end up with a church where we never talk about what sin is, unless it is the social sin of inequality, economic inequality, racism, personal animosity to somebody, et etcetera,” Cooper said. “Other than that, we’re not going to talk about any other kind of sin because that would just be mean.”

Cooper said the “wokeness” he has witnessed in Christian music is what made him aware of its presence in the church.

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“The wimpiness of CCM [Christian Contemporary Music] is clear, because nobody will say peep about drag queens coming to the Dove Awards,” Cooper said. “Nobody in CCM would dare to say anything remotely negative about Derek Webb—[it’s] almost like some sort of satanic stronghold over these people.”

The “Sick of It” singer said that CCM artists “will not say anything about someone who is more actively trying to lead people out of the faith than I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” he continued, “actively trying to lead weak ones, little ones, out of the faith as some sort of false messiah or something. I’ve never seen it actually in practice until Derek Webb. And the Christian music world will not dare whisper anything negative about him.”

Cooper said that when someone like him does speak out, he is attacked for doing so. “It’s wimpy to the infinite degree and I can’t even understand it,” Cooper said.

Cooper went on to say that the last chapter of his book, titled “This Is the Kingdom,” purposely ends on a positive note because it’s not actually difficult to know what to do. “It’s just takes courage and it takes conviction.”

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“The word of God is true, and it lasts forever, and so if we just build our lives upon it, we’re going to stand the test of time,” Cooper continued. “This means that if you stand for that truth, like Jesus tells us, you will have friends in your church—like I have—[who] are going to accuse you of hate. But Word of God tells me that his truth is going to hurt folks…and if you honor him, you might just save someone’s life for eternity.”

“It’s gonna be hard,” he concluded, “but there is hope because the Word of God is true.”