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Tauren Wells ‘Crazy About You’ Lyrics Labeled ‘Biblically in Error’ by Christian Radio Programmers; Wells Defends

Tauren Wells
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Grammy-nominated and multi-Dove Award-winning Christian singer Tauren Wells shared earlier this week that his song “Crazy About You” has been denied airplay from at least 13 Christian radio stations because radio programmers claim it is theologically incorrect.

“Is my song ‘Crazy About You’ biblically in error? Sound off! I’m here to learn! #crazyaboutyou,” Wells captioned his Instagram video.


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Wells, who announced in April that he and his wife Lorna will be the lead pastors of Church of Whitestone (a church plant coming to Georgetown, Texas, in 2024), told followers that the criticism has surrounded lyrics in the song that describes God’s love.

The lyrics in question read, “He’s never been mad at you, he’s only been madly in love,” and, “He’s never held your past against you, he’s only held you close.”

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Wells said he is open to correction if his lyrics are in error and shared that the criticism has forced him to dig deeper into the lyrics, but he still can’t find anything theologically wrong with them. “Listen to ‘Crazy About You.’ Tell me if you think I’m biblically in error. Let me know,” he said.

The future lead pastor also demonstrated his teaching abilities throughout his 30-minute video, sharing scripturally why he believes the lyrics in question portray Jesus’ character accurately.

One of the passages of Scriptures he shared was Matthew 11:28-30, which was prompted because Wells is currently reading Dane Ortlund’s book “Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers.” Wells also alluded to Jesus healing the paralytic in Matthew 9 and the thieves hanging beside Jesus on the cross. He rhetorically asked whether Jesus was mad at them or if he loved them.

Wells said that Jesus showed the paralyzed man love by healing “his spiritual condition before he healed his physical condition” and “he called him son before he forgave him.”

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The “Joy in the Morning” singer explained what goes into his thinking when he writes songs like “Crazy About You.”