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‘I Sinned by Engaging in Inappropriate Behavior’—Mike Bickle Releases First Statement Since Being Accused of Sexual Abuse

Mike Bickle
Screengrab via YouTube @Mike Bickle Official

On Tuesday (Dec. 12), International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC) founder Mike Bickle released his first statement since being accused of sexual and spiritual abuse in October.

In his statement, Bickle admitted to engaging in inappropriate behavior with a woman who was not his wife over 20 years ago.

“With a very heavy heart I want to express how deeply grieved I am that my past sins have led to so much pain, confusion, and division in the body of Christ in this hour,” Bickle said. “I sadly admit that 20-plus years ago, I sinned by engaging in inappropriate behavior—my moral failures were real.”

However, Bickle made it clear that he was not “admitting to the more intense sexual activities that some are suggesting.”

Bickle shared that he “quickly and sincerely repented” after engaging in his confessed behavior. “I hate my sin and I see it as serious and grievous before a holy God,” he said. “I take all sin seriously, so on those occasions, I quickly and sincerely repented in a way that resulted in receiving assurance from God followed by a daily resolve to live holy in all of my ways.”

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Although God “graciously helped” him to repent with a “broken and contrite heart that was filled with godly sorrow,” Bickle said that “to this day, I remain sorrowful about those past failures.”

“I am anguished that my past sins have caused great pain for my wife and family along with the IHOPKC family and others,” he added. He further expressed regret that the IHOPKC leadership and community have been put “in a very painful and difficult position.”

Bickle said that he has asked his family for forgiveness and is now asking the IHOPKC family and others he might have hurt for the same.

IHOPKC’s founder planned to release a statement regarding the allegations earlier but said that he chose to follow the counsel of his legal team and wait. Bickle said that lawyers advised him that releasing a statement too early might have created the “misunderstanding” that he was confessing to the “false allegations” that were continuing to circulate.

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“I believed [my past sins] were dealt with and under the blood of Jesus,” Bickle said. “Since this has now become public, I want to repent publicly…I am very sorry that it took so long for this personal statement to come out. This delay created additional pain, anguish, division, and more for so many people that I love. I am deeply sorry for this.”