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Hulk Hogan’s Top Priority Now Is ‘Being a Messenger for My Lord and Savior’

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Professional wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan says that the top priority in his life now is telling people God’s truth. Hogan, who recently rededicated his life to Jesus and was baptized, says that he now realizes everything else in life comes second to the gospel

“I was always a believer, but I didn’t completely surrender. I thought I could drive better than he could. I thought I could make the decisions better than he could,” Hogan said in an interview with Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). “And you know, he takes his hands off the wheel and says, ‘Okay. You think you can do it better, go ahead and do it.’”

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“I got tired of crashing and burning, and at this point, with a 40-year career behind me, in that whole platform, I understand now that was just a temporary situation to set me up for this next run because in the wrestling business, everything’s a run,” Hogan explained. “And now that that run is over, I’m getting ready to start this new run. Now I realize why I’m here and why all that happened.”

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Hulk Hogan is the stage name for Terry Gene Bollea, who is arguably the most famous professional wrestling star in the world. Hogan’s career spanned nearly 40 years, and during that time he received numerous awards and accolades. 

Hogan has said that he was saved at the age of 14, but he has lived much of his life without surrendering control to God. Controversies he has faced during his career include a WWE steroid scandal and a leaked sex tape.

The superstar took responsibility for the poor choices he has made in the past. “You can blame situations, conditions…the rationale can have a hundred reasons why things happen, but at the end of the day, it’s about choices,” he said. “And I’m not real good, or I wasn’t real good, at making good choices because of the environment and everything that was going on.”

But he says that God was with him, even when he was not committed to God. “He was with me through all that stuff,” said Hogan, “and I know that now because he turns setbacks into setups for greatness for me.”

“Once I decided to quit driving the car myself and surrender, he took those mistakes I made…and taught me how to get up, with those monster hits that I just took, and be honest and truthful and move forward,” Hogan said.