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Russell Brand Asks Followers Where He Should Go to Church, Says He Is Moving Toward Baptism

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Russell Brand asked his followers for their opinions on where he should go to church, wondering if the different denominations matter and expressing his interest in baptism. In a reel posted to his social media the morning of Wednesday, March 20, Brand said if he doesn’t get “clear guidance,” then he’ll make a random decision.

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“I’ve been going to church, a church where they do Alpha courses,” said Brand, “I guess that’s sort of Church of England. I’ve been to a Catholic church, and I’m considering going to a Eastern Orthodox church. Do you think the different denominations and distinctions are important?”

In the caption of his video, Brand wrote, “HEY! help! Do I get baptized? What church shall I join?” 


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Russell Brand Has Questions About Church

Russell Brand is an influencer, stand-up comedian, actor and former radio host who now hosts several podcasts, including one focused on spirituality and meditation. He is also a controversial figure who has been accused of spreading conspiracy theories and recently received several allegations of rape and sexual assault. Brand has denied the allegations.

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Brand has been posting numerous videos to social media processing his thoughts on spirituality and Christianity. In December, he revealed he was reading the Bible and “The Problem of Pain” by C.S. Lewis. 

In January, Brand said the reason he wears a cross is that Christianity and Jesus are becoming more important to him. The actor said he used to see religion as archaic and irrelevant but is now coming to realize “I need a personal relationship with God.”

In his Wednesday video, during which he progressively pulled the petals off a rose, Brand speculated on the existence of various church denominations along with people’s attempt to “look at God and the figure of Christ from as best as one might claim, a universal perspective.” 

He wondered if it’s possible to “be universal on a subject like kindness or service or surrender or gratitude or overcoming the self or understanding that what you’re experiencing in the moment, even if it’s suffering, is God’s will?”