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The SBC ‘Is Getting Away From Scripture,’ Warns SBC Presidential Candidate Jared Moore

Jared Moore
Screengrab via X @jaredhmoore / used with permission.

Dr. Jared Moore, pastor of Cumberland Homesteads Baptist Church in Crossville, Tennessee, announced in February that he will be running for Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president at the denomination’s annual meeting in June.

Moore told ChurchLeaders he will accept the nomination from Oklahoma state senator and pastor Dusty Deevers because he loves the SBC.

“I was saved in an SBC church at the age of 17,” he said. “They loved me to Jesus and encouraged me to love others. They handed me an inerrant Bible and believed it.”

Moore believes that the SBC is “getting away from Scripture,” and he wants “to encourage the SBC to get back to what the Bible says. I want the SBC to be confessionally faithful because our confession just repeats Scripture.”

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“We have to submit to Scripture if we are going to succeed and persevere,” Moore said.

If elected, Moore said he plans to implement five things: the Law Amendment, financial transparency, biblical ethics, reaching rural communities, and biblically faithful leadership.

Moore said he will vote for passing the Law Amendment, which would make a prohibition on women serving as pastor part of the SBC’s constitution. “I think the Law Amendment just repeats the Baptist Faith and Message 2000,” Moore said, referring to the SBC’s statement of faith.

“The Law Amendment…answers Southern Baptists who have misunderstood the Bible’s and the Baptist Faith and Message’s definition of a pastor,” Moore added. “Only men may be pastors according to Scripture and the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.”

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Moore desires more financial transparency for all SBC entities and would push for them to be required to submit at least a 990-level disclosure every year at the annual meeting.

“I trust the trustees,” he said, but the “question is, do the trustees trust Southern Baptists, because they’re withholding their detailed spending? As it stands currently, Southern Baptists do not know how their money is spent, with much detail, in the various SBC entities.”