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Sean Feucht’s ‘Let Us Worship’ Returning to the National Mall Days Before November Election

Sean Feucht
Photo courtesy of Sean Feucht

Songwriter and conservative political activist Sean Feucht announced Friday that Let Us Worship is returning to the National Mall on Oct. 26, just a few days before the national election takes place in November.

“God works miracles and there’s no other way to describe what is happening besides the fact that it is a verified move of God,” Feucht told ChurchLeaders.

“Four years ago, (Oct. 25, 2020) we gathered on the National Mall at the height of the pandemic,” Feucht added. “When Mayor Bowser tried to shut our event down, the National Park Service said, ‘No they have a First Amendment right to be there.’ ”


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Feucht said his worship event in 2020 was the “largest church service in America that year,” adding that thousands came down to the cross that was displayed near the stage to surrender and give their life to Jesus.

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The former Bethel worship leader said that year he witnessed people hungering for God due to the pandemic, fear, darkness, and anxiety that was looming in the world.

“I am noticing a similar cycle that is taking place, and we feel really stirred for this event that will take place at the National Mall on Oct. 26,” Feucht said.

Feucht, an ardent supporter of former president Trump, called it a miracle that his team has already received the permit for an event that is just eight days before an election where America will choose its next President.

“We believe that this October we’re going to have the greatest altar call in the history of D.C., as we call people once again in the middle of the election, in the middle of the chaos, in the middle of the confusion and animosity to surrender their lives to Jesus,” Feucht said.

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“There’s no greater time to call on the name of God and when in it when then when a nation is in crisis,” he continued, “And we’re in a crisis in America for so many different reasons.”

Feucht concluded by saying, “The answer is Jesus! We know that as we reflect on the sacrifice made this Good Friday and this Easter weekend.”