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‘I’ve Been to a Couple Diddy Parties’—Lecrae Shares What He’s Witnessed at Celebrity Gatherings

“You start walking, they’re gonna walk with you,” Lecrae explained. “And now you find yourself standing, they like, ‘Oh, you stand. Well if you stand, come sit.’ Now, the next thing you know, you sitting.”

Lecrae said that he was never put in a situation where he felt “forced to sit.” There have been situations at parties where he’s been asked if he participates in certain activities and he said he always rejected the invitation.

“I was left alone,” the rapper revealed. He said those who asked him respected his convictions, saying, “He’s not about that life. He’s not with it. I’m leaving him alone.”

Without sharing who the artist was, Lecrae provided details of a party he attended. Lecrae informed his listeners that he never attends these types of events alone. “I was always with people who were walking in the light and we always had a mission,” he said. “It was never just to go in there and be stupid…I’m a human, so I’m frail.”

“I’m gonna be honest with you,” he added, admitting that there were moments when he was “happy to be part of the crew.”

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He added, “I struggle with acceptance and wanting to be associated with greatness. And I got caught up in some of that nonsense, internally.”

At one particular party, where a number of big name celebrities were present, Lecrae said that an artist warned him to leave before 1 a.m. “Make sure you’re not here…you just don’t want to be here at one in the morning,” the artist told Lecrae.

Lecrae said that his pride took over and disregarded the artist’s warning.

As it got closer to the hour Lecrae was warned about, he said that he came up from the downstairs studio and noticed that the party music had changed from being upbeat to more sensual.

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Lecrae then saw a couple of men “really going at it hard and heavy” on a couch. Caught off guard, he thought to himself, “You know, this is a celebrity party; people do what they do.”