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Dallas Jenkins Gives Season 4 Update on First Day of Filming ‘The Chosen,’ Season 5

He added, “No one is more frustrated by this than I am. No one wants to get this to you more quickly than I do.”

Another unique aspect of “The Chosen” is that, since it began, it has been available to people for free. Jenkins reiterated that he is committed to keeping the show free to watch, despite the many expenses associated with creating it, such as its rising production costs. 

“I promise it will come to you,” he said. “I promise, I promise, I promise, and as I’ve always said, it will be free.” Jenkins asked for people’s prayers and for support, saying, “It really means a lot.”

“I appreciate you every single time that you spread the word about the show, every single time that you pray, every time you post about it on social media,” said Jenkins. “It makes a difference.”

The show’s creator joked that he loses track of what is happening with “The Chosen” and doesn’t “know what we’re doing any more. But I do know that the scripts for Season 5 have been completed.” 

Jenkins said, “The response we’ve been getting from the cast and crew has been so cool. They’ve been saying this is the best season yet. Season 5 as you might know covers Holy Week, but man…it takes longer than a week to film it, I can tell you that.”

Jenkins said that to begin the first day of filming, he read a note from a fan and “talked to the crew about how fortunate we are to get to do this, and we get to do this because of you.”

Noting the free show’s production costs, Jenkins emphasized that “The Chosen” only exists because of fan support, “and that means everything, so thank you so much.”

Those who wish to donate to support “The Chosen” can do so here.