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Mark Driscoll Kicked Off Stage for Calling Out ‘Strip Club’-Like Performance at Stronger Men’s Conference

The audience immediately showed their displeasure with loud boos and chants of “bring him back” as Lindell jumped up on stage.

“Mark is out of line,” Lindell told the thousands of men in the arena. “If Mark wanted to say that, he should have said it to me first. He didn’t.”

Lindell continued by saying, “Matthew 18—If your brother offends you, go to him privately.” Lindell said that he talked to Driscoll for 30 minutes before Driscoll took the stage and “there was not one word of that. He’s out of line!”

As the boos continued, Lindell added, “If he wanted to say it, he can say it to me. You may not agree with me. You may not agree with him. But we are brothers in Christ, and there’s a right way to handle disagreement.”

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“I’m just telling you [that] I’m not going to sit back and watch someone do publicly what they should have done privately. And as a pastor and a man of God, I’ll call another man of God out,” Lindell said.

“I love Mark, but he was out of line and I have a responsibility spiritually for this event,” Lindell said. “And we saw 530 people come to Christ. And we’ve exalted Jesus. And we’re going to conduct ourselves in a Christian manner, and we’re going to go according to the Bible, and the Bible tells us how that should have been resolved, and it wasn’t.”

Lindell and Driscoll Reconcile

According to one conference attendee who is a kids and family pastor at a church in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, after Lindell finished rebuking Driscoll, the worship band played one song before Driscoll and Lindell came back onstage together to discuss what happened.

video posted on social media shows Driscoll and Lindell sitting at a table in front of the conference sharing admiration for one another.

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Lindell shared that he and his wife, Debbie, sat on Driscoll’s couch and wept with him following his resignation from Mars Hill Church.

“You guys have been some of the greatest friends to me and my family through the hardest seasons of our life, and I thank you for being a good pastor and spiritual father,” an emotional Driscoll said in reply.