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‘It’s Called Go-Go Dancing’—Alex Magala Addresses Accusation He Is a ‘Stripper’; James River Church Says They Didn’t Know

“All those go-go dancers that you see in the clubs, they also had a hard decision and those are generally people who just didn’t want to sleep with people like Harvey Weinstein,” Magala added. “So if you compare this with how to make it in Hollywood, what we did is nothing. So just chill. Okay!”

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a go-go dancer is “a dancer who performs in places such as bars, dancing energetically in a sexually exciting manner while wearing very little clothing.” In an image found on Magala’s Facebook page, he can be seen collecting money in his outfit while performing in a club.

Alex Malaga
Alex Malaga in 2014. Screengrab via Facebook @Alex Magala

Additionally, Magala said that the pole he climbed at Stronger Men’s Conference was not a stripper pole. “It’s a Chinese Pole” that has origins dating back to the ancient Chinese circus. Magala explained to ChurchLeaders that he has to wear special pants and perform his stunt shirtless in order to correctly grip the pole.

Concluding his video, Magala shared that his performance is an expression of his faith.

“When I perform, I swallow a sword and attempt a death-defying stunt, climbing on top of the pole and then going upside down—the moment when I dropped down—that to me, is when I give my life to God,” Magala said. “And the moment when I stopped one inch before hitting the ground, that’s the moment when I get saved by God.”

ChurchLeaders asked Magala how he felt after hearing how Driscoll described his performance.

“It didn’t really bother me, because I know that the guy got lost,” Magala replied. “He got lost in the translation of what this act was actually meant for. He got lost in interpretation of what kind of pole it is. And on top of that, he didn’t mention other the performers who were topless.”

Magala was referring to The Ramadhan Brothers, fellow AGT performers who also performed on Friday night at the Stronger Men’s Conference.

Magala shared with ChurchLeaders that when he is in Los Angeles, he attends Mosaic, a non-denominational church founded and led by Erwin McManus.

James River Church: ‘We Did Not Know All of Alex’s Background’

In a statement provided to ChurchLeaders, James River Church said, “We did not know all of Alex’s background, and we apologize for not checking more deeply.”

“We have now put in place a more thorough vetting process for all performers and speakers,” the statement continued. “We would never be in agreement that sexually oriented performances are appropriate or consistent with biblical Christianity.”

“However,” the church added, “we do not agree with Mark Driscoll equating the Chinese pole acrobatics at the Stronger Men’s Conference with erotic pole dancing, particularly the manner in which he did so. We are thankful for the influence of Mosaic Church in Alex’s life.”