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‘It’s Called Go-Go Dancing’—Alex Magala Addresses Accusation He Is a ‘Stripper’; James River Church Says They Didn’t Know

Alex Magala Stronger Men's Conference
Alex Malaga performing at the Stronger Men's Conference. Screengrab via Instagram @alexmagala

Alex Magala, the sword swallower who performed last Friday (April 12) at James River Church’s Stronger Men’s Conference, has released a video telling his side of the story.

Magala made headlines when he was publicly rebuked by controversial Pastor Mark Driscoll for what Driscoll described as a “strip club” performance. In reference to Magala’s performance, Driscoll told conference attendees that a “Jezebel spirit opened our event.” He went on to compare Magala’s performance to Old Testament pagan idol worship.

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As Driscoll continued to talk through the applause of many in the audience, James River Church lead pastor and conference host John Lindell yelled at him, “You’re out of line Mark…You’re done.” Driscoll then promptly walked offstage.

Lindell and Driscoll later returned to the stage together and apparently reconciled. Driscoll went on to preach another sermon with Lindell by his side.

But in the days that followed, Lindell has called Driscoll to publicly repent, sharing that Driscoll had attempted to cause “division” within the Lindell family and “disunity in the body of Christ.” During a public rebuke, Lindell told James River Church that Driscoll sent messages to one of Lindell’s sons, calling Magala “completely demonic” and a “gay porn, stripper, Jezebel.”

Lindell called Driscoll to repent for, among other things, “refusing to stop the spread of lies regarding Alex Magala, a Christian brother.”

Magala Responds to Lindell Calling Driscoll to Repent

Magala is a two-time Guinness World Record holder, an “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” top performer, a “Britain’s Got Talent” top performer, winner of “Russia’s Got Talent,” and a 2014 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony performer. He also has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The Stronger Men’s Conference was Magala’s first event in eight months, as he had been rehabbing a torn bicep.

“I am in tears. Recent events just broke my heart and after watching this, made it melt. I am touched and shocked at the same time. I hope we all find peace,” Magala said in a video posted to Instagram on Thursday (April 19).

In another video, Magala explained more about his act, faith, past, and family.