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Phil McGraw and Ed Young Discuss God’s Calling, Parenting and the ‘Woke Mob’ During Sunday Service

He emphasized the level of care he takes when researching information, whether for books or television, and he challenged anyone to double-check his data. “I’m all about getting it right,” McGraw said, “and I invite anybody to fact-check me on anything in that book and anything that I say on the show.”

McGraw encouraged parents not to hesitate to regulate their children’s smartphone use, stating it is not the government’s job to do so. “Parents have got to be parents here,” he said, adding that he has regular, personal experience dealing with pedophiles who have deceived kids. McGraw believes children should not have a smartphone until age 16, if not 18, and that they are entitled to no privacy on it whatsoever. 

He encouraged parents to get their children involved in life offline and said that kids need to learn lessons on resilience from being bullied, having difficult teachers, and being excluded a little.

“He should be called Pastor Phil,” Young remarked to the congregation.

McGraw also discussed envy, income inequality, and marriage and the family. He encouraged believers to put in the work to heal the “damaged personal truths,” or lies, they live by that do not correspond to how God sees them. “There’s been a high price paid for you to not walk around with your head down and your shoulders slumped,” he said. “But you’ve got to claim that.”

“The only person you should ever compare yourself to is you yesterday,” McGraw said. “We’ve got such a victim mentality in this country right now…We’ve got oppressors and the oppressed. Those aren’t the only two choices.”

Regarding income inequality, McGraw believes we actually have a problem with “income equality.” He said there are Americans who do little work and receive government handouts that enable them to earn the same income as people who receive no handouts while working a great deal. We are a capitalist society, not a Marxist or a socialist society, he said, arguing that if people simply work hard, they will receive financial rewards for their efforts. 

When Young asked McGraw about marriage and family, McGraw brought up the church. “Church membership in this country has dropped below 50% for the first time in our country’s history,” he said. “People are worshiping something other than God.” 

McGraw said that the divorce rate of people who do not worship together and are not members of church is 70% higher than that of those who do. Regular church attendance provides a consistent reminder of people’s values, he said.

He also emphasized the health benefits of marriage for men, as well as the dangers to which single mothers expose their families when they allow non-biological males to live with them (because of higher abuse rates in those situations). 

At the end of the conversation, Young prayed for McGraw and McGraw’s work, which the pastor called a “ministry,” saying “because you are in the ministry, no doubt.”

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