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‘I Got Radically Saved’—Former OnlyFans Star Defends Herself Against Claims Her Faith Is Not Genuine

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Former OnlyFans model Nala Ray defended herself against claims that she has not undergone a true transformation into a follower of Jesus. Specifically, she responded to influencer Hannah Pearl Davis, who has nearly 2 million YouTube followers and who has repeatedly criticized Ray. 

“This is absolutely crazy to me. Watch,” said Ray before stitching a video of Davis. In it, Davis refers to an interview Ray did with commentator Michael Knowles, and Davis says, “I just want the truth.”


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In another part of Davis’ video that Ray did not show, Davis addresses people saying she is “obsessed” with proving Ray’s change of heart is not real. “This happens all over the country, where porn stars come out, say they’re sorry, and you guys hand them a microphone and make them a spokesperson of the Word, and nobody has a problem with it,” said Davis, who went on to emphasize how much Jesus hated false prophets.

Nala Ray Explains the ‘Truth’ to Hannah Pearl Davis

Hannah Pearl Davis is a YouTuber who offers “hard-hitting, irreverent social commentary.” She has collaborated with Andrew Tate and says she is “a fan” of his. Davis also believes that divorce should be banned and that women should not vote.

Nala Ray is a former star on OnlyFans and told Knowles in her interview with him (posted April 6) that creating adult content on the site made her a millionaire. In December, Ray shared news of her baptism, and she went viral in March after sharing a video of her “personal testimony.”

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Many people responded online by celebrating the news of Ray’s conversion, but many also questioned the genuineness of her faith. 

“So you want the truth?” Ray asked Davis. “This is the truth. The truth is that I got absolutely radically saved by Christ, and when I say radically saved, it’s because I came out of such an incredibly dark place in my life.” 

Her was experience was “so dark that I had suicidal thoughts, so dark that I felt numb inside, so dark that lost my family, so dark that I couldn’t hold on to friends or family, and the only thing I had was materialistic things. So we’re talking about the truth here. What truth is it that you want to hear?”

Ray continued by saying she knows that Davis wants her off social media for at least five years, to stop wearing makeup, and to change her hair. “But the fact of the matter is that I wear my shame on the outside for everyone to see what Christ has done for me,” said Ray. “That is the absolute truth.” For Davis not to want Ray to be part of society or social media is “just wrong because the Bible is truly talking about the word of your testimony.”