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WATCH: Greg Laurie’s Wife, Cathe, Tells Moms To ‘Check Out From What Fuels Your Mommy Guilt’

Cathe Laurie
Screengrab via X (Formerly Twitter) / @greglaurie

With decades of ministry experience, Cathe Laurie shared encouragement to each mom at Harvest Christian Fellowship on Mother’s Day. She and her husband, Greg Laurie, have two sons—Jonathan, who serves on staff at Harvest, and Christopher, who lost his life nearly 16 years ago.

“Give your pride-filled ego a timeout,” offered Cathe.

Greg Laurie Posted Cathe Laurie’s Thoughts on Mother’s Day

With her son, Pastor Jonathan, looking on, Cathe took to the platform of Harvest Christian Fellowship to address the moms in church on Mother’s Day.

“Who doesn’t aspire to be a good mom?” asked Cathe Laurie.

She recognized that the end goal could look different depending on what mothers read. Moms can focus on ultra-nutritious and organic food, academics, sports achievements, or even brand-name and coordinated clothing.

“Whatever circles you happen to fill your heart with—those are going to be the ones that are going to tell you how to be a good mom,” Cathe explained.

Beneath all of the various approaches to motherhood, there seems to be an underlying question all moms are asking themselves.

“What if I fail?” Cathe asked.

Moms second-guess themselves constantly, asking questions like, “Am I doing this right?,” or, “Am I doing enough?”

Cathe offered encouragement to every mom, saying, “Jesus is enough.” She continued, “None of us is ever going to do it perfectly. There’s only one perfect person who’s ever lived and will ever live—and that is Jesus.”

“You take those ‘mommy fails’ to the foot of the cross, to our Savior who is not only able to give us eternal life but to give us that guilt-lifting, joy-fueling grace that only Christ promises,” Cathe said. She went on to give moms a few things to do.

Referring to Jeremiah 29:11, she first encouraged each mother to remember that the same God who began the good work and called them to motherhood will “complete what he has promised.”