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Please Pray for Beth Moore’s Ongoing Back Pain, Decisions About Next Steps

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Beth Moore speaks at a Living Proof Ministries event. Screengrab from YouTube / @LivingProofwithBethMoore

Author and Bible teacher Beth Moore is requesting prayers for intense pain due to a “years-long” back condition. In a lengthy post on X (formerly Twitter), the 66-year-old Moore indicated she’s “definitely facing surgery” and it’s “just a matter of when.”

Moore usually has a high pain threshold, she wrote on Thursday (May 23), but her “multiple skeletal issues” had her crying to husband Keith this week. She indicated she’d be calling her doctor, expecting to “end up with a surgeon I’m sure.”

In her post, Moore said she needed “prayer more than advice.” The founder of Living Proof Ministries also assured followers her upcoming events aren’t in jeopardy. “The Lord and I have been managing this condition around events for a long time,” she wrote, “and I can’t wait to be with you and worship God with you and study scripture.”

Beth Moore’s Thorn in the Flesh: ‘My Back Is a Mess’

Beth Moore, who made headlines in 2021 for leaving the Southern Baptist Convention, said her chronic pain stems mainly from spine issues. “My back is a mess,” she wrote. “When I sprained my knee running through O’Hare [Airport] to a flight I was about to miss, it threw my back further out of alignment.”

Moore added she’s seen many doctors and had recent MRIs but simply has “very limited” options. “I’ve dealt with physical pain for a long time as part of what God has allowed me in order to rely on him,” she wrote. “Definitely one of my thorns in the flesh.”

Saying she doesn’t “like to feel drugged,” Moore noted that any medications that would address her level of pain “would dull my mind,” which she needs. “I want to do my job!!!” she added.

In her post, Moore told people she needed prayer more than advice, because she’s sought medical help for years and “heard it all.” Her condition isn’t “something you rest and get over,” she wrote. “Plus, if I had laid down over this, I’d have laid down for the last decade.”

Beth Moore Requests Prayers for Relief, Wisdom

Moore, who thanked people for their ongoing support, said her two main prayer requests are “relief and wisdom in the right next steps!” Despite the pain, she shared, “My spirit is well. My insides are happy and cheerful in Christ Jesus.” Although Moore said she knows what it’s like to be in an “oppressed state of mind,” she’s “not there right now.”

“I love where [God] has me and what I’m working on presently and sense the leadership of the Holy Spirit in it,” she wrote. “I can still laugh and enjoy my people and my dogs. All is well except that I’m in a good bit of pain. But only from my neck to my heels. Lol.”