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WATCH: Russell Brand Calls His First Month as a Christian a ‘Beautiful Journey’

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Comedian and actor Russell Brand is known for providing the voice of Dr. Nefario in the “Despicable Me” movies as well as for his political activism and controversial humor. Over the last few months, however, Brand has publicly shared his curiosity about and personal milestones in the Christian faith. In his latest update, the actor celebrated his first month of being a Christian.

“Can you remember your first month as a Christian?” asked Brand.

Russell Brand Publicly Recaps His First Month as a Christian

Russell Brand began exploring Christianity in January and recognized that Jesus had become “more important” to him. After accepting Christ and being baptized, he described the following month as “a big change.” He quickly explained that he didn’t change as a person, but he has “taken on a lot of new concepts.”

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“Repentance means you have to continually change and acknowledge that I am in a battle against myself,” Brand explained. “I need to surrender myself to an ever-present, eternal, and accessible Jesus.”

He went on to describe another counter-cultural concept, mercy: “Mercy is something that is given to me, being grown into me that I live with through love—not something that I can sort of win or achieve by doing good things.”

Brand experienced repentance and mercy when he was baptized just one month ago. “I felt changed, transitioned,” the actor shared. He appreciated the “intimate and personal aspects” of the ceremony that, along with “bizarre incidents,” were “serendipitous and laden.”

While his faith is still new, Brand recognized that his new faith has provided more than an internal change. “It’s brought incredible people to me,” he said. “Incredible literature to me. It’s brought a sense of peace.”

He continued, “And, when I’m in doubt, I feel the instruction is there, accessible. I feel like I know what I’m supposed to do—and when I don’t do what I’m supposed to do, that’s even clearer.”

Brand spoke of an “inner illumination” that’s now a present guide and guardrail in his everyday life. “When I feel myself being selfish, or inconsiderate, or putting myself first, or not thinking about how I can be better to other people, it’s as if there’s an inner illumination available to me now.”

As he studies Scripture and other Christian books, Brand marvels at concepts central to Christianity and a relationship with Jesus. He appreciates the “simplicity of the idea of God coming to earth as a man to experience what it is to be human and to sacrifice himself—the only sacrifice that could bring us home and give us the opportunity for redemption.”