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After Being Baptized, Russell Brand Is ‘So Grateful To Be Surrendered in Christ’

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After exploring spirituality and realizing he needed a personal relationship with God, actor and comedian Russell Brand got baptized Sunday (April 28) in the River Thames. On social media, the 48-year-old podcaster described the experience as incredible, profound, and “literally overwhelming”—because he was under water.

“I felt changed, transitioned,” Brand said about being baptized. The ceremony had very “intimate and personal aspects,” he noted, and several “bizarre incidents” occurred that felt “serendipitous and laden.”

Brand, who recently sought advice about which Christian denomination to join, didn’t indicate which one he chose. But he said he’ll share more information in upcoming videos.

Russell Brand Is Baptized: ‘I’ve Made the Decision—for Myself’

Russell Brand, who admits to being a former “junkie,” said all the substances he’s tried in the past left him disappointed, unable to provide the tranquility, peace, and transcendence he was seeking. But now, Brand said, “Some new resource in me has switched on.” He added that after being baptized, he knows that “my resources are coming from somewhere else and someone else now.”

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This path of following Jesus is new to Brand, who acknowledged he’ll make mistakes. Hours after being baptized, he admitted he’d “already felt irritated,” noting he has three children, a job, and challenges and that he lives “in the world.”

Yet Brand added that he already feels “incredibly blessed, relieved, nourished, and held.” Spreading his newfound joy is now “part of my mission and my ministry and part of my service,” he said.

In his post-baptism video, Brand thanked all the social media followers who’ve “embraced me” and encouraged his faith journey with supportive comments. The actor said he even understands the “cynicism” some people have expressed about his transformation.

“I’ve made the decision—for myself,” he assured viewers, adding that he prays his baptism will be relevant to his family, especially his children. Brand said his wife is Catholic and has made her own faith decision.

Russell Brand’s Followers: Ditch the Tarot Cards

Hours before his baptism post, Russell Brand shared a video on Instagram asking for people’s opinions about tarot cards. Many Christians consider practices such as tarot and yoga “heresy,” he said, but the symbolism is helpful for him. Tarot “does serve as a tool for reflection and personal analysis,” said Brand.

Then he described something he’d just read on the Hallow meditation app. It was a reminder to give all your worries to God and focus on him, because he’s in charge. “What do you think about that?” Brand asked his social media followers.