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Angel Studios Responds to the Ending of Its Contract With ‘The Chosen’

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Angel Studios, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Angel Studios CEO Neal Harmon has issued a statement in response to the announcement from Dallas Jenkins that The Chosen has officially severed its relationship with the studio. 

“The team at Angel Studios is honored to have been instrumental in the founding and unbelievable growth of The Chosen,” said Harmon in a statement posted May 29 and updated May 30. “Our long hours of hard work over the last 8 years by teams of programmers, marketers, translators, licensing experts, and innovators have helped it become the worldwide success that it is today.”

“Sadly, The Chosen, Inc. chose to terminate its agreement with us,” Harmon continued. “We hope that one day the agreement will be restored—and we plan to pursue the appeal provision that Angel and The Chosen agreed to as the process for resolving disagreements privately.”

Angel Studios and The Chosen Part Ways

On Wednesday afternoon, Dallas Jenkins gave a long-awaited announcement about how and when Season 4 of “The Chosen” will release to streaming platforms. Jenkins, who is creator, director and co-writer of the series, also gave some background information about the legal matters that have held up the season’s release to streaming. 

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“I am happy to tell you that Episode 1 of Season 4 will launch this Sunday at 7:00 Eastern Time, and as I’ve said, we will release two episodes per week,” said Jenkins in his announcement. Episode 2 will release Thursday, June 6, at 8:30 p.m. ET, and the rest of the season will release every Sunday and Thursday at those same times.

Fans can watch Season 4 in two places: the Chosen app and on DVD. This Sunday’s episode is launching as a livestream on The Chosen’s social media and The Chosen app, after which it will be available on the app “exclusively for a window of time.”

The Chosen app is available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku and Google TV, as well as online at thechosen.tv. Jenkins encouraged people who already have The Chosen app to update it. 

In his explanation for the falling out between The Chosen and Angel Studios, Jenkins gave some background on how “The Chosen” got started and the debt that it owes to Angel for its success. He emphasized his intent to deliver simply the facts and not gossip, as well as his appreciation for Neal and Jeffrey Harmon, Angel’s co-founders. 

“Our contention,” said Jenkins, “is that shortly after [a 2022 agreement was made], Angel Studios breached our contract on multiple occasions, to the extent that we believed it should be terminated, which would dissolve our relationship with Angel. Angel, of course, disagrees with that assessment.”