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Dallas Jenkins Shares Update on ‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Release in Livestream Featuring for KING & COUNTRY

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Season 4 of “The Chosen” is projected to be available to stream in the next four to seven weeks, said the show’s creator and director, Dallas Jenkins. Jenkins shared the news Sunday evening in a livestream, where he was joined by Abe Bueno-Jallad and George H. Xanthis, who play Big James and John, respectively, as well as by Joel and Luke Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY.

‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Update

On March 10, Jenkins shared the “bad news” that the streaming release of Season 4 had been delayed due to “legal matters.” On April 11, he followed up to dispel rumors that Season 4 would not be available for months or possibly until next year.

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Sunday, April 21, Jenkins gave a more precise timeline of four to seven weeks, although he did not have an exact date. He also asked people to stop speculating about the nature of the legal difficulties, which he is not at liberty to explain. 

“I can’t get into the details of that. So please don’t ask, please don’t try to figure it out. There’s been a couple articles that have come out that have investigated a little bit,” Jenkins said. “It’s just irrelevant. The point is that we are in the midst of a legal matter that is delaying the release of Season 4. The reason for the legal matter is multiple things.” He emphasized being “moderate and gentle and graceful and generous to everyone involved.” 

Jenkins promised “the moment we get a decision on the legal matter, we will release [Season 4] the Sunday after the decision.” At that point, “The Chosen” will be available on the Chosen app and will eventually arrive to other streaming platforms. 

“Unless there are some legal shenanigans, unless something goes awry,” said Jenkins, “which we don’t anticipate, it should be released to you sometime in the next four to seven weeks.” It’s “highly likely” that it “won’t be longer than that,” he added.

The director reiterated that the Season 4 episodes will come out more quickly than they typically would, releasing twice a week: “The release window will be shorter so we can get episodes to you quicker.” 

Filming on “The Chosen,” Season 5, which takes place during Holy Week and which Jenkins said is likely to release in theaters as Season 4 did, began on April 11. When Bueno-Jallad and Xanthis joined Jenkins, the three described what it had been like filming Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. 

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