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WATCH: He ‘Saved My Marriage From Divorce,’ Lecrae Says of Celebrity Pastor Montell Jordan

Lecrae Montell Jordan
Screengrabs via YouTube / @Lecrae

Award-winning Christian rap artist Lecrae recently recalled the time when he and his wife weren’t “gonna make it.” During that period, Lecrae turned to fellow artist, pastor, mentor, and friend Montell Jordan for encouragement and authentic counsel.

“If divorce is an option for you, you have too many options,” Jordan said to Lecrae on a recent episode of Lecrae’s podcast, “The Deep End.”

Christian Rapper Lecrae Credits Montell Jordan for Saving His Marriage

Jordan and his wife, Kristin, wrote “This Is How We Do It: Making Your Marriage a Masterpiece” in 2017 and started a ministry focused on seeing “men and women reconciled to Jesus, then reconciled to each other.”

“A reconciled husband and wife make a stronger marriage; a stronger marriage makes a better family; stronger families make better churches; stronger churches make better communities and stronger communities make a better world,” the couple explained.

When Lecrae went through the “darkest season” of his life, he turned to mentor Jordan. Lecrae recalled, “I remember being at a place where I was like, ‘I don’t think me and my wife are gonna make it. I think this is a wrap.'”

Jordan and Kristin came alongside Lecrae and his wife, Darragh, during that time. Lecrae said, “I heard you talk about divorce—about it being like a piece of paper that tears in half.”

“If divorce is an option for you, you have too many options,” explained Jordan.

Jordan and Kristin shared their own life experiences, mistakes, and forgiveness in an effort to help Lecrae and Darragh see God’s truth and steps to reconciliation.

“I can confess my sins to God, and he’s quick to forgive me. But, I got to confess my sins to one another so that I can be healed,” Jordan said. “It’s changing the entire trajectory of our entire family.”

Jordan grew up in the “hood” and attended a Catholic high school in central Los Angeles. Playing music in the church, he was introduced to the Clark Sisters while also listening to Michael Jackson and Prince.

“I always felt like God had a leash on me,” explained Jordan. He said it was “sobering” and “intoxicating” to experience success in the music industry, and he now is grateful for the times he saw God’s hand on his life.

Within the first year of marriage, Jordan and Kristin (artist and manager) were launched into the music industry with their first No. 1 hit song, “This Is How We Do It.”

The stardom and life together “resulted in an unpredictable story where after two decades of world tours and millions of album sales, they chose marriage over music, faith over fame, and significance over success.”

After his first record, also a hit, Jordan had never worked harder. He began chasing the next goal, the next level. He tried to “make something last forever, to get to the next.” Jordan continued, “I think we miss the now and what God is saying now—like in this moment.”

God got Jordan’s attention one day. After a fictitious news report that Jordan had died, friends, family, and fans reacted to the news and only referred to Jordan as the “This Is How We Do It” singer. He desperately wanted his life to mean more.

Jordan and Kristin stepped away from the music industry for a time and focused on their own marriage and ministry. After experiencing hardships—including infidelity, bankruptcy, miscarriage, and others, the couple sought God’s best for their lives and marriage.