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‘Scripture Doesn’t Hide Hard Things’—Lecrae Responds to Critic of New Single, ‘Send That’

Screengrabs from Instagram / @lecrae

Christian hip hop artist Lecrae defended presenting a non-sanitized version of his faith in his music, noting that the Bible is not shy about presenting shocking truths about God’s followers. The rapper posted an Instagram video Friday, May 3, addressing a critic of his new single, “Send That,” a collaboration with Christian rapper Wande.

“I feel like you do not have to be explicitly relatable in your music,” said a comment from an Instagram user, whose profile says she is a stay at home mom in Illinois. “I cannot pin point [sic] every lyric, but I feel it’s just too much like regular hip hop in some of your lyrics.”

“Again [you’re] just trying to relate with others and bring them to your music I’m sure!” she added. “But it seems at times too ‘normal’ and not so clean so I flip the channel. Still love alot [sic] of the music!”

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Lecrae and Wande Drop ‘Send That’

Lecrae is a Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist and co-founder of Reach Records. He recently started a podcast called “Deep End With Lecrae,” where he aims to tackle difficult topics “with vulnerability and honesty.”

Wande is a Nigerian American hip hop artist who in 2019 became the first woman to sign with Reach Records. She and Lecrae dropped the single, “Send That,” last week, their second collaboration together.

The lyrics to Verse 1 (Wande) read in part:

God He got me in the zone, whoa
Praying for my haters too, yeah
What’s the secret to the moves?
Ayy, prayer got me breaking through, yeah
If God is for me, who can come against me?
Send them prayers up and watch Him move

Lecrae’s lyrics read in part:

I’m in my lane, go ahead and call me lame
Catch me leanin’ on the King
They want the fame
I just wanna lift his name
I already won the game
They cannot beat me
After I met my savior in Atlanta off of Peachtree
I know how it’s gon’ end

The Instagram user who took issue with the song initially commented on a post of Lecrae’s announcing the new single, saying, “I like Lecrae but he needs to slow down and be careful with what he is actually saying in those songs. Sometimes something feels [off] .. that’s my gut telling me, use your discernment,” she said. “Wande is amazing and I’ve always felt light through her music! Ready to listen to this, I’m sure it will be good.”

Lecrae responded, asking which parts of the song specifically are ”off” and quoted some of his lyrics that describe sending prayers to God, surrendering his burdens, and walking in freedom. “I’m never above a challenge,” he said.