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Russell Brand Invites ‘The Chosen’ Star Jonathan Roumie on His Show

Russell Brand Jonathan Roumie
Screengrab via X (formerly Twitter) / @rustyrockets

Podcaster and new Christian Russell Brand has shared his initial steps of Christianity with his followers through social media. The actor has recently committed to having more “Christian friends” on his podcast, starting with “The Chosen” star Jonathan Roumie.

Russell Brand Interviews Jonathan Roumie on ‘Awakened Wonders’

Brand was recently baptized and has celebrated being “surrendered in Christ.” As Brand continues to learn more about his newfound Christian faith, he hasn’t been shy about sharing his thoughts, questions, and discoveries on his podcast, “Awakened Wonders,” housed on the subscription-based Locals. Brand has discussed atheism, meditation, and random thoughts on culture.

This time, he invited his former coworker and friend, Jonathan Roumie, who stars in “The Chosen” as Jesus Christ.

“It’s an impossible acting job,” Roumie said about playing the role of Jesus on “The Chosen.”

In a previous post, Brand spoke of his past working relationship with Roumie, describing Roumie as “righteous, clearly connected to Christian values.” Brand went on to talk about “‘The Chosen,’ which is a retelling of gospel stories, and as a side note, stars my friend Jonathan as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But [he] was also my body double when I acted in HBO’s show with The Rock, ‘Ballers.'” Brand concluded, “So, I’m able to say that Jesus was my body double.”

Roumie confirmed the connection and referred to Brand as “my brother from another mother.”

“I was Russell’s body double/stand-in (where an actor basically “stands in” for the main actors while the crew lights and gets the shot ready so that the main actor can spend time doing his work prepping for the scene to be filmed),” Roumie said, “for two seasons on HBO’s ‘Ballers’ as one of the many side-gigs I hustled to pay my bills.”

The two actors clearly connected from the beginning, and Roumie remains friends with “this lyrical lad,” Roumie said, referring to Brand. “Russell, you’re an innovator and a truth-teller, but if you ever wanted to return the favor and be Jesus’ body-double, I gotchu, and it’d make a great story.”

It was only fitting for Brand to choose Roumie as his first guest for a podcast episode focused on Christian topics and values.

“I’ve been a Christian for a little while now, so I think it’s time to have some Christian friends on the show,” said Brand.

Roumie reposted Brand’s link to the interview on X and said, “The interview I’ve been looking forward to…since we last worked together.”

Brand has more than 11 million followers on X, and thousands have interacted with his post. One said, “I love your passion. It’s so inspiring to watch somebody who first discovers their faith and the passion that comes with it. A rebirths brings a new, young, fresh energy.”