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The 5 People You Won’t Meet in Heaven

3. The Rebellious Sinner.

We live in an age of tolerance. We’re often encouraged by the world not to call sin, sin. And, in many cases, we are encouraged to call “sin” good and acceptable.

The Bible takes a much different course.

Sin is always sin and it’s still the element that keeps us from the presence of God, demands a payment of death and, if not dealt with, will separate us from God for all eternity.

Let’s be clear — we’re all sinners. The beauty of the Gospel is wrapped up in the fact that none of us deserve a second chance, but God, in his everlasting kindness, has given one to us all.

However, if we decide, willingly, to stay in our sin upon the time of our death — or Christ’s return — we will remain separated from God for all time. So, the question isn’t “Will you bow your knee and confess Jesus as Lord,” but “When will you bow your knee and confess Jesus as Lord”?

The lesson: Sin separates us from God. If not dealt with, we will pay the price for eternity. However, that’s what the gospel is all about — saving sinners. When we soften our heart to the good news and place our faith in Christ, we have the assurance of eternity — no matter how unworthy we feel.