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How to Lead Your People to Deeper Church Commitment

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One way to build momentum is by aligning people to the vision. Churches that succeed in aligning people to vision teach and empower people to commit to Christ, the Word of God, a prayer life and deeper church commitment.

In today’s world, where commitment is sometimes not highly valued, we must build people who are dedicated to the purposes of God with their life, energy and resources. The church we are building today is not just a physical building, but a living network of relationships that will last for a lifetime. It is full of diversity that is unified by a love for Christ and His kingdom. A church full of people who are committed to building the church will attract others and create an atmosphere of excitement and joy.B

Build Deeper Church Commitment 5 Ways

1. Conviction.

People must be convicted, that is, have strong confidence, that the local church is something they can give their life to building.

If I was not a pastor, I would still be committed to the church. My commitment did not start after I became a leader or pastor or elder.

If you weren’t in any of those offices, would you still be committed because you love God’s house?

2. Valuing the local church.

When people value something, they esteem it highly and believe it to be of critical importance.

Values govern people’s lives. They are at the very center of who we are and what we believe is the greatest and highest priority of our lives.

People who value the local church will move their lives around the church, not the church around their lives.

3. Passion for the local church.

Committed people are fervent in spirit and have a heart full of devotion, service and leadership. Passion drives everything. It is the inner driving force that moves people toward decisions. People should be passionate about the same things Jesus is passionate about.

David said that his passion for God’s house totally “consumed” him. Does God’s house and love for His people consume you and the people you lead?

The opposite of passion is inactivity, indifference, neutrality and sluggishness. Passionate believers are fervent in spirit and they well up with a heart full of devotion, service and zeal for God! Stirred hearts will keep coming to God’s house, anticipating something new every time.