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11 Totally Honest Responses to the Church Meet and Greet

church meet and greet

Some people hear about a church meet and greet and think, “That sounds like fun!” Others hear the same words and and have these responses:

1. The moment you hear the announcement, anxiety overcomes you.

You know, a church meet and greet is all part of being “the church,” but inside you just wanna run away.

2. The extroverts around you team with excitement.

It’s palpable, the extroverts around you are busting at the seams. This is their moment. And that makes you even more anxious. 


3. The first three awkward seconds are the worst.

This could be the most challenging part. Someone has to make a move, but who will it be?


4. You already forgot their name.

How is this even possible? They just said their name two seconds ago. But it’s gone from your brain.


5. Someone wants a side-hug.

You’ve only met for a few moments, and you thought your little exchange was over, but they’re going in for the hug.


6. You’re not sure you should cross the aisle…

Should you cross the divide to meet more people? WHY IS THIS LASTING SO LONG! You finally walk across, but this is how you feel.