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Hearing God’s Voice – The Key to Knowing God’s Will

If you have a willing heart, the kind of heart that is humbly open to hearing God’s voice, I offer these suggestions for getting to know God’s will:

Hearing God’s Voice – 4 Keys to Knowing God’s Will

1. Remember a time God has spoken to you in the past.

Anyone who has said “yes” to Jesus for salvation has heard his voice. Like Paul, we have heard a call, even if it didn’t knock us on the ground. Reflect on what hearing God’s voice to\\felt and sounded like the first time.

2. Ask God to speak to you, and then listen

Here’s a quick exercise that I sometimes do. Close your eyes and picture Jesus. Look into his eyes, and then ask him if he has anything he wants to tell you. Then watch and listen. If a thought or picture pops in your mind the instant you ask God for a word, you can generally trust that it’s him. You have just asked for bread, and God won’t give you a stone.

3. See if peace accompanies the word you hear

Hearing God’s voice brings peace. Whenever I think I’ve heard the Lord speak to me, I take a minute and hold the word out before Him. If I feel His peace settle on it, I can trust it. If guilt, worry, or fear feels attached to what I just heard, I can assume that it wasn’t Him. If something you hear is defined by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, you can rest assured that the Spirit has come close.

4. Act on words that require obedience

This can be the most difficult part about hearing God. At times, God will ask us to step out in faith. We should follow his lead. I have a friend who says that if you ever feel like God has gone silent, remember what the last thing was he asked you to do, and make sure you do it. Obedience invites more communication. It says to the Father, “I believe your words are trustworthy.”

The Father is looking for friends who will allow themselves to be forever changed by doing God’s will. Even now, God is speaking. What do you hear Him saying?

Be Patient: It Might Take Years To Know God’s Will

How can you know for sure if you’ve heard the voice of God? How can you be sure you are doing God’s will? As pastors we want to follow God’s will — to go where he wants us to go, and do want he wants us to do. Understanding his direction in our life is a sign of a mature disciple.